Has Google Glass Gone Too Far?

Google Glass

Is Google Glass racist?


From my experience, the answer is a resounding yes!


With the onslaught of new technologies today, humans from all backgrounds have voiced their displeasure about the extreme prejudice and insensitive encounters they have experienced with high-tech devices.


racist camera

The Struggle is Real

A cute feature of Google Glass is the ability to message a friend or perform a Google search purely by talking to your device – no physical interaction is needed throughout the whole process, which ironically does not save time as you spend minutes trying to correct the speech to text errors.


Below is a video demonstrating the outcome of Google Glass’s voice recognition software by emulating people of various backgrounds as they attempt to speak English with different accents.



As you can see from the video, Google Glass is indeed racist.  The Australians, Irish, and Chinese have the toughest time.  The real question is will we humans just stand there and become slaves to our blatantly discriminatory tech overlords?  In the Terminator series, John Connor was wrong when he said there was nothing worse than SkyNet – a racist SkyNet.  Disclaimer: This is satire.  If you didn’t realize that, I feel bad for you son – you got 99 problems and satire is one.



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How To Get Cheaper Rental Car Rates


rental car lotMany travelers often have the misconception that car rental rates are pretty much the same across all companies. The truth is rates can vary quite a bit between car rental companies and destinations. Car rental deals can be hard to find, especially if you’re only searching in a few places. Here are 4 tips on how you can get cheaper car rental rates:


1. Book Early


Booking early is a good practice, particularly if you need a car during peak travel seasons. It’s no secret that during the holidays, prices for rental cars can get unpredictably high. It is always a good idea to book early or play around on you rental dates. Like airfare, the further in advance you book, the more money you can end up saving. If seasonality is not an issue, just plan a trip to Detroit.  Their car rental prices are always near rock bottom!


happy family rental car

This family saved $5 by booking 3 years in advance

2. Know Your Providers


Not all car rental companies are the same. It’s important to understand how each company differs from the other and how they can serve you best. Some of the things to consider when shopping for a company include available car types, locations, and service fees. You need to first consider which of these factors are important to you. For example, if you’re after price, it would mean that you may have to sacrifice luxury. Also, you might be able to score a good deal by going to a rental car place located in the sketchy part of town. If the local title loan stores have wrought iron bars covering their windows, then you know you are in the right area to get a deal!


run down rental car parking lot

If the rental car lot doesn't look like this, keep driving

3. Online Rental Deals


Search through online travel sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Travelauto, Kayak, and others. These major online agencies often negotiate with various car rental companies to offer competitive rates. To get better pricing, try using flexible dates which allows you to compare the car rental rates of different companies. When appropriate, search for “Flight and Car” together or better yet “Flight, Hotel, and Car,” you’d be surprised with the number of vacation package and bundled discounts that come up on the searches. These can be both compelling and competitively priced. If you are unsatisfied with the quotes given, just give their customer support a call and express your disappointment with pathetic, desperate sobbing and they will surely give you a discount.


william shatner priceline

I would fight Priceline's William Shatner for a 5% discount

4. Discount Programs, Codes, and Coupons


Discount programs are often available through reward programs from various credit card services. Most of them either have miles, points, or discounts that you can earn. Because these companies compete for your business and loyalty, they always have new offers and rewards save you money. You can also find discount codes and coupons online from sites like Retail Me Not. Remember to always check if your coupon is still valid before you attempt to use it, you might be surprised at how quickly a coupon’s expiry date arrives by the time you plan to make your booking. It can be very discouraging to have your coupon code denied, but you should be able to find one if you keep looking hard enough.  If you still can’t find one after 2 hours of searching, just give their customer support a call and receive a discount by expressing your disdain with inconsolable, faint weeping.


crying for a discount

The coupon codes have expired


So get out there and rent a car! It’ll be fun even if you have nowhere to go. If you’re a reckless driver like myself, I would suggest getting rental car insurance.



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5 Toddler Travel Tips For Super Parents

Traveling with toddlers

Who says your travel plans have to stop when you have kids?


Traveling with kids is a great way to educate them on the world and to make lifelong memories. So pack your bags and hit the road! A little prep can go a long way in making the trip smoother.


With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, travel plans are in full gear. Below is a list of considerations to help you make the most of your trip.


1. Travel, in itself, is an adventure for the kids.  Think of the trip as less of a stressful chore and more of an exciting experience!  Your attitude will set the tone for the journey.


Happy Family Travel

Look how happy these paid actors are

2. Tell your kids what to expect.  Two of my favorite children’s authors have books about the airport – Bryon Barton’s Airport and Richard Scarry’s A Day At The Airport.  Granted they are slightly outdated, but they still convey the basics of air travel.


Byron Barton Airport

Byron Barton's Airport - the definitive children's book on flying


3. Can you rent or borrow baby equipment when you get there?  Lugging around car seats, strollers, and pack & plays can require an army.  If you are visiting family they likely have what you need or can borrow items from their friends.  If you are staying at a hotel, use one of their cribs.  If you are renting a car, investigate also renting car seats.


Packed Car

Instant child equipment regret


4. Don’t assume a late flight is off limits.  My kids tend to sleep well on flights if they are tired.  So you could put the kid in their PJs and let them sleep on the flight.   If the kids are sleeping, that’s less time that you have to entertain them in a confined space!


sleeping toddlers

Sleeping children is best children


5. Don’t overdo the toy bag.   The more things you have, the more likely they are to fall down, roll around, and get lost.  Pack entertainment strategically.  A single notepad, with a sticker book and a pencil will go far!  A tablet with a variety of games and movies is a great use of space.   Plus there are games like I Spy that require nothing at all!


Electronic Doodle Pad

An electronic doodle pad can keep a child entertained for an eternity


Remember to pack your Travel Insurance –it protects from when your getaway gets away from you!



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7 “Look Up” Tips for Smartphone Addicts



Gary Turk may not have know how far reaching his video would be when he wrote, performed, and directed it, but the message that he communicates is definitely resonating with those that remember life without a smartphone.  I have personally felt the same concern for my children who knew how to use a smartphone and tablet as early as 2 years old.


Growing up in the 80s, my parent’s had similar concerns about video games.  I could play Super Mario Brothers, Contra, Super Tecmo Bowl, and Street Fighter all day long.  At the same time, my buddies and I would disappear on our bicycles for hours at a time exploring the neighborhood, woods, or whatever felt adventurous to us at the time.  But smartphone addiction is different than a gaming addiction.  It is much harder to separate ourselves from a device that people expect us to have on us at all times.


Then it happens.  We get to a point where we actually fear being away from our phones.  We fear that we are missing something or that we may have to wait in line or in a waiting room with no way to tweet, email, or snapchat how bored we are waiting for something.  At Protect Your Bubble, we see it all the time as someone has their device lost, stolen, or damaged.  They will file a claim, and we will overnight a device to them.  But even in that short turnaround, there is a huge sense of urgency from our customers as they experience the mental anguish of being disconnected.


Gary Turk also did a great job of conveying the danger of our phones becoming our primary or only means of connecting with others.  Even to the point where young people have a harder time communicating with others in person or by phone.  Aside from communication proficiency, some of the funniest moments in my life were spent sharing a movie with friends, sitting around a campfire sharing stories (that no one had already seen on Facebook), or adventures that we went on in response to being a little bored.  Those deep connecting moments are the ones I remember.  I don’t remember any funny moments I’ve shared over social media.  Even 15 year later, being 1000s of miles apart, I can still call or go visit old friends, and we relive those moments, and it is literally like we never moved apart.  That’s a real connection and worth the effort of “Looking Up”.


Here are a few tips if you are trying to Look Up and connect better:


“Park It”

Your phone may need a break from you too!

Have a place in your home where you park your phone.  A place were it can charge and be away from you.  Give your phone some space.  Change the ringtones for important people in your life and only go check if it rings with those tones.  It will help you engage better in your home and to ignore the unimportant noises that grab our attention if the phone is always in your pocket.  I even have a buddy that keeps his work phone in the garage so that he doesn’t even hear it after hours.  It has a nice parking spot in the garage where it can rest for the next busy day.


“Look at the Phone, Pick up the Tab”

Taking your phone out for dinner?

If you are at dinner with friends, you can each put your smartphone on vibrate and leave them on the table facing up at the center of the table.  When someone calls, emails, etc, the phone will light up.  The goal of the game is to not get caught looking at the phone at all.  The first person to do it, or the person who looks the most, has to pick up the tab for dinner.  Make a big deal about it when you catch them sneaking a peak on the sly too.  If you are at home with the family, that person has to do the dishes before they get their phone back.


Engage People in Real Conversation

Many a great stories are told fireside

How good are you at engaging people?  More than tweet-sized texts and small talk about weather, sports, etc.  What are fun things do you like to know about people?  Instead of stalking them on Facebook, engage them in real life.  Put together a list of questions in your mind that you want to know about others.  My wife and I have a list of questions we ask our kids at the dinner table – like what animal or super hero would you be – and the responses are hysterical.


People love to talk and laugh about themselves – they just need a prompt.  It could be as simple as asking someone to tell you their story or how they got to where they are today.   Ask them dream level questions…what they love to do if they had all the time and money in the world to do it, what would their dream job look like, what is the funniest thing that has ever happened to them, what adventure would they like to go on, etc.   Learn what questions engage people and go looking for opportunities to use them.  People will be less likely to check their vibrating smartphones when you have them engaged in fun conversations.


Pay Attention & Be Polite

Get off your phone - come back 3 years!

The smartphone has become a refuge from talking to people in stores, on elevators, and in line, but prioritize being polite over getting 5 extra seconds of screentime.  If the message can be sent by your phone, it can probably wait for you to open the door for someone or to acknowledge the hostess at a restaurant.   Its usually not intentional, but staring at our phones can come off as rude and obnoxious to those that need us to be responsive in the coffee line.  Most of us would keep our eye up if we knew that others thought we were being rude or obnoxious.


DWT – Driving While Texting

Pay Attention!

If you have a tendency to check your phone at red lights or as you approach intersections, watch the sidewalks.  There are tons of bikers, runners, and others on the sidewalk or on the edge of the road whose lives depend on too many people looking at their cellphones while driving.  I run a lot, and the number of people looking down while driving is jaw dropping.  My friends and I have countless stories of close calls and many of them involve a cell phone.  According to Textinganddrivingsafety.com, 1 out of 4 wrecks involve cell phones and that you are 23 times more likely to have a wreck when looking at your smartphone’s screen.  Just keep in mind that not everyone is protected from you by their vehicle and pay attention when the phone lights up.


Explore Now, Tweet Later

Better than a retweet!

Go somewhere where the messages on your phone seem trivial.  Go hiking and listen to nature.  Go for a run or a walk in a peaceful or scenic place.  Go to a sporting event or a concert soak up the experience.  I’m terrible about seeing the sites when I travel for business, but hate sitting in my hotel room.  Going for a run in a new place has become my mainstay, and I’m amazed at how much of a city you can take in when running around it.  Even if you don’t run, just go explore.  You can take pictures, but tweet them later in the day.


 Turn off the Things that go Ding

"Ah, need to get this one..."

Your phone probably doesn’t need to make as much noise as it does.  Turn off the alerts and dings for non-critical apps or messages.  I laugh when the generic Apple SMS ding rings and 10 people pull their phones out.  If it doesn’t need your immediate attention, it doesn’t need to ding.  It is also great to customize dings and rings for the top people in your life so that you know when they are trying to reach you and when the rest of the world is pressing.  You’ll have better restraint to keep it in your purse or pocket if you have a better idea of who is contacting you.


And finally, as you walk down the street, sit at a restaurant, and talk to people, notice how hard it really is for us all to Look Up.  Laugh at how bad we are at it, and make mental notes about where you should look up in your life.  Good work Mr. Turk.  There may be someone out there that meets someone special because of your challenge to Look Up.  These devices are great and important, but the connections and the level of engagement we have with the world around us is much more important.

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The Ultimate Appliance Buying Guide

Appliance Shopping

Hmm, I think this one will get rid of little Johnny's stains

Are you shopping for a major appliance? It is hard to believe there was ever a day when people had to live without appliances. Refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, dishwashers, and washing machines undoubtedly make life more comfortable and convenient. At the same time, however, this comfort and convenience comes at a price. Depending on the type of appliance you purchase, it can cost you several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There are a variety of major appliances that offer sweet features like energy efficient savings, convenient functionality, modern finishes, and space-saving design. With so many options, it can be tough to choose which appliance will be cost effective. Our appliance buying guide can help you make a smart and informed purchase.


1. Refrigerators


The refrigerator is more often than not, the centerpiece of the kitchen, and for good reason as it stores food. Refrigerator designs and styles have come a long way. To determine the preferred refrigerator design and size, always consider the size of the household and the layout of the kitchen.


Samsung Smart Fridge

This Samsung fridge can tell you the weather if your window is broken

Another important aspect to consider when shopping around is to analyze refrigerator features. You can maximize space, functionality, and design within the kitchen by integrating refrigerators with exciting features such as space saving options, fun finishes, and futuristic technology. The wide range of models available in the market can greatly add to the convenience and value of your kitchen. From the classic top mount unit all the way to the most professional built-in side-by-side model, your fridge goes a long way to define your priorities in the most important room of the house, your kitchen.


2. Washers


Washers are one of the hardest working household appliances in any home, and probably one of the longest-lasting. Choosing the right washer not only helps to reduce your utility bill but it can also prolong the life of your clothing. Washers come in several styles so before you start looking you want to make sure you pick the right type for your lifestyle.


Washer Appliance

Oh no, little Johnny's stains didn't come out

Your first consideration should be space. Space may limit your choice, so it would be wise to measure before you purchase. The next thing to look into would be capacity. If you have a large family or plan on washing larger items including bedding and pillows, choose a machine with a large capacity. Your choice of washer will have a definite impact on your budget for both the short and long term. With a more energy-efficient washer, although the initial purchase may make you cringe, you will reap the benefits in the years to come.


3. Microwave Ovens


The microwave helps you carry out all sorts of kitchen chores faster and easier, from reheating leftovers to popping popcorn. It’s important to find a microwave that fits your kitchen and cooking style. Depending on the set up of your kitchen, the first place to start when microwave shopping is to pick the type and size of oven you want. How big and how powerful a microwave should you get? That mainly depends on what you plan on doing with it. If the microwave you’re looking to buy will be mostly used to reheat foods, then a smaller model will suffice. If you plan on cooking meals for the whole family, such as casseroles, then look for a full-size microwave oven would be the smart choice.


Microwave Appliance

Jillian has been microwaving for one ever since her botched plastic surgery

4. Air Conditioners


Beat the heat with an air conditioner. Because there is a wide range of air conditioner systems available, it’s essential to determine what type of air conditioner is right for you and for your particular situation. There are many factors to consider when making your decision. There are three main types of room air conditioners – window, portable, and through-the-wall. Each has their own benefit, so the ideal type will depend on your needs.


Samsung Air Conditioner

The arctic model of this ac unit has been responsible for 5 cases of hypothermia

Keep in mind that an air conditioner that is Energy Star qualified –will beneficial to limiting the amount of energy it uses. Look for the term ‘EER’, which stands for Energy Efficiency Ratio. EER tells you the ratio of the cooling capacity of an air conditioner in BTUs per hour divided by its consumption of energy, measured in watts. An EER rating higher than 10 is considered cost effective. The higher the EER, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is and that means more money back in your pocket!


5. Dishwashers


A dishwasher is an essential part of any household kitchen. They make doing dishes quick and easy, not to mention it helps free up valuable family time. Make sure you choose a model that is efficient, powerful, and quiet so that you can make cleaning up easier for everyone.


Head Chef & Dishwasher

With the purchase of a dishwasher appliance, this restaurant promoted their dishwasher to head chef

Before you make a purchase, determine what model will best suit your lifestyle. You should also calculate how often you will be running your machine. Built-in models are common in most kitchens. These types are designed to conveniently fit under your kitchen counter. The immediate benefit of these models is that they do not take up valuable floor space. Larger families will want a bigger version to accommodate plates, glassware, and even pots and pans. If you have a smaller family, a smaller model will suffice.


Choosing major appliances for your home should be a rewarding experience. Use our appliance buying guide to help get you through the process of choosing what will fulfill your lifestyle and aesthetics of your home.



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5 Moving Tips That Make Professional Movers Envious

overloaded moving truck

Moving Like A Boss

Moving is one of the biggest household tasks there is and it can be an overwhelming, stressful hassle. By knowing what you need to get done in advance will keep the moving chaos at arm’s length and help put your mind at ease when the actual big moving day arrives.


Moving doesn’t have to be an unpleasant activity. Below are 5 pro moving tips to ease the pain and stress of moving. To keep the moving ruckus at bay, utilize these tips to prepare yourself for moving day.


juggling moving boxes

Juggling moving boxes like a boss

1. Get Organized in Advance


Leaving anything until the last minute is a disaster waiting to happen. If you plan accordingly, you should have at least 30 to 60 days to come up with a plan to ensure that moving day runs smoothly. A great idea would be to create an itemized list of what needs to be accomplished each week prior to the big day. Protip: Prior to moving, you should sell unnecessary items, get packing supplies, prospect professional movers, and purchase a 12-pack of Coors Light which will reduce stress during moving.


Grandpa drinking

Grandpa chugs a beer for every box he loads onto the truck

2. Label All Boxes


This is a very important step in your moving process. Although it can be a little tedious, it will prove to be advantageous because it will help ease the burden of unpacking later. By labeling each box, you won’t have to guess what’s in each box as if you were playing the game Clue. With labeled boxes, you will know which item goes where in your new home. Protip: For fragile items, make sure you label the box FRAGILE! with an exclamation point!


unmarked boxes

It took this couple 2 months to find their shake weight

3. Clear a Path to Success


Make it safe and easy for the movers and yourself to get in and out of your house by getting rid of all obstacles. Remove low hanging items such as hanging plants and wind chimes. Clear out all doorways, floor mats, potted plants, and planters. Disconnect the spring on your screen door so that it can stay open during the entire loading process. Protip: Attach a convenient store, doorway sensor that makes an alarm sound when someone enters.


blocked doorway

This won Gold at the 3rd Annual Obstructed Doorways Competition

4. Prepare Your Movers


Before the driver leaves for your new house, ensure that you completely understand all the paperwork. Don’t sign it if there is something there that you are confused about. Note down any information the driver has to keep the communication lines open, like a mobile number or satellite tracking details. Also provide the driver with your contact information. Prior to the driver’s departure, try to get as many details as you can about his/her plans for delivering all your stuff. With due diligence, you can properly confirm that your driver will be able deliver your goods intact. Protip: Make sure the driver has a valid driver’s license and no vehicular manslaughter charges on his or her driving record.



Ironically, this Ryder driver was previously a bus driver

5. Take One Last Sweep


Take one last sweep of your old house before leaving. Look through all closets, cabinets, shelves, attic, storage unit, garage, basement, and under the stairs. This is a critical step because you do not want to find out later that something was left behind like your dog, Rufus. Protip: If you accidentally left Rufus behind, find a window to crack open and pour Kibbles N’ Bits through the crevice.

Rufus lost and found poster

Moving doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be fun and memorable experience. Minimize the stress of moving day with these pro tips!  If you’re moving into a new rental home or apartment, make sure your renters insurance has the coverage you’re looking for.



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5 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Cool Mom

cool mom

Looking for a cool Mother’s Day gift instead of a boring cookie-cutter that looks like it fell off the back of a UPS truck? There’s nothing wrong with the typical bouquet of flowers but it definitely won’t win any points for originality. It’s time to give Mom something she will really love this Mother’s Day. Finding that ideal gift can be a challenge so we did some research and found 5 unique gifts that will appeal to a variety of sweet moms.


1. Samsung Gear Fit


For a high-tech savvy mom who yearns for something more than just a regular smartwatch or a fitness tracker, check out the Samsung Gear Fit. The advanced curved Super AMOLED touchscreen display and interchangeable bands would make any mom look cool even during the most vigorous activities. Without having to pull the smartphone out of the bag, the Samsung Gear Fit has an array of features such as fitness data, time, call notifications, text messages, and email. The Samsung Gear Fit works well for active mothers who want to live in the future.


samsung gear fit

Gear Fit conveniently gives you the time on demand


2. Brookstone Wireless Key Finder


Has your mom lost her keys one too many times? Hopefully it’s not because of dementia. The Brookstone Wireless Key Finder could be the ideal gift for her this Mother’s day. It essentially acts as a homing device for lost keys. The wireless key finder locates lost keys with just the press of a button. It can find keys up to 60 feet away through floors, walls, even sofa cushions. Simply press one of the color-coded pager buttons on the compact wireless transmitter, and the matching key fob will answer with a loud, clear alarm from anywhere in your home. The design of this transmitter is sleek and compact that it fits easily and inconspicuously on the countertop, desk, or dresser. Just make sure you don’t lose the wireless key finder because there is no wireless key finder finder.


brookstone wireless key finder

It's like Life Alert for your keys


3. Graphic Image Python iPad Case


Is your Mom constantly without her iPad? The handcrafted, Python-embossed iPad case from Graphic Image lets your mom transport or store her iPad (all generations) with exotic flair. So chic! It comes in vibrant colors, mint, yellow, and coral. The calfskin cover is soft to the touch and to add to its versatility, it has two positions for typing or movie viewing. It can even be personalized with Mom’s initials so it’s uniquely hers. It’s a great gift for the environment-friendly mother who wants to do her part in helping eradicate the invasive python species in Florida.


python ipad case

How many moms do you know own a python case?


4. Asus Taichi™ Ultrabook™ Convertible


The Asus Taichi is ideal for the busy mother, who juggles both family and work responsibilities.  It converts from laptop to tablet mode to provide the conveniences of a traditional laptop but with the entertainment aspects of a tablet. This unique device has two touch screens that can be used simultaneously or operate independently. Mom can easily manage personal and professional business on one screen while allowing the kids to play with Windows® 8 entertainment apps on the second outward-facing screen. The sleek Asus Taichi is one of many Intel-inspired Ultrabook convertibles, which boasts of premium computing power, performance, and responsiveness.


Asus Taichi

So sleek & cool that Mom will audition for the next Grease


5. Pure Sensia 200D Connect


A fully featured, portable music streaming radio system, Sensia 200D Connect uses its large color touchscreen to add another dimension to your mom’s music collection, radio, and more. Sensia 200D connects to the internet using Wi-Fi, giving Mom access to thousands of internet radio stations, millions of music tracks via the Pure Music subscription service, on-demand radio programs, ambient sounds, and podcasts. It even plays music streamed from a PC or Mac. To further help your mom personalize and enjoy her music experience, Pure Sensia 200D Connect also offers a variety of colored grill accessories and an optional battery pack for the ultimate portability.


pure sensia 200d radio

Now Mom can listen to 2Chainz while she gardens

Show the neighbors how cool Mom is by pampering her with some hi-tech electronics this Mother’s Day. The house a couple blocks down with the purple drapes will be totally envious. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!



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My 1st Week with Google Glass


Google Glass

This is the first post in a recurring series where I document my experiences with the Google Glass device.  Stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks and months.


Last month our product manager, Kyle Davenport, informed me that I was selected to try out the revolutionary Google Glass.  I asked Kyle why I was chosen among the large pool of potential candidates. He put it bluntly, “it’s because you don’t turn down for nothing.” It’s true. I don’t – except for the police and Burger King.


Kyle Davenport

PYB Product Manager - Cyborg Kyle Davenport

Glass was shipped promptly and was delivered within 3 days of placing the order.


Related: Google Glass Unboxed


Glass connects to your phone via Bluetooth and requires the MyGlass app, which helps you manage the device.  Surprisingly, Glass has 12GB of free memory on the device so you can store pictures and videos directly.  There is no expandable memory slot for a microSD card however.


Google Glass

The crystal display is made from pure cubic zirconia

The first thing I tested was the camera since taking pictures and videos are the most prominent features for your average user.  The Glass allows for taking pictures by the wink of your right eye, which I personally find to be amazing.  With the attachable shades on, taking pictures is discreet and effortless.  It’s perfect in settings like the movie theatre, blind dates, and the beach.


Midtown Atlanta

PYB view of Midtown Atlanta skyline taken with Glass

midtown skyline

PYB view of Midtown Atlanta skyline taken with the HTC One M8

The camera is rather mediocre as it is only 5MP compared to most smartphones with 8MP cameras or better.  The picture quality varies greatly depending on the lighting.  In situations with a large contrast of light and dark, the dark areas become saturated and obscured.  In settings with a balanced amount of light or darkness, the resulting snapshots fare much better.


Sweetwater Creek State Park

Glass does a poor job of balancing light and dark

I tested the video capabilities in a variety of settings such as nature, the zoo, and night time driving.  The video quality on the Glass is underwhelming with a resolution of 720p.  The latest generation of smartphones is able to shoot video in full HD 1080p format.


Sweetwater Creek State Park


The Glass fares poorly in situations with a moderate amount of movement.  Additionally, it is unable to balance and capture contrasting dark and lighted areas appropriately.  With the rise of action shots, I initially thought Glass could be quite useful for adventure seekers, but after seeing the video quality – it is evident that the GoPro HD will remain the default portable video capture device.


Atlanta Zoo – Paaaaaanda Beaaaar


I tested the video capabilities during night time as well.

Turn Down for Burger King


A pretty sweet feature of the Glass is the seamless integration of social sharing.  You can share captured photos and videos on Facebook almost instantaneously.  Facebook shares your content on your friends’ newsfeeds and prominently announces it was done via Glass, making you appear creepier than Ernest in certain situations.



Ernest gets a brain

One downfall of this sharing feature is that Facebook automatically compresses video before posting it on your newsfeed, which can result in grainier footage.

Original Glass Video


Shared Facebook Video via Glass

For pictures, photos shared on Facebook become altered and compressed as Facebook technology adjusts the scale of color and saturation to attempt to balance the picture accordingly.  In the pictures below, the Facebook version looks better than the original photo taken with Glass


Shiba Inu - Yoshi

Original photo captured with Glass

Shiba Inu in the Forest

Facebook shared photo via Glass

Ultimately, this is how i feel about the Google Glass camera.


And there you have it, my first week with Google Glass. Subscribe to the blog below to get updates on my misadventures with the Glass as I continue to test its features.



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