#OopsAwards – Have a Rental Car Accident Story? Share it for a Chance to Win an iPad Mini!

Rental Car Oops Awards

UPDATE 6/20/14: Protect Your Bubble would like to congratulate our winner, Jan Warner, with her “I Didn’t Hit The Grill” story. Congrats, Jan!


Oops Story


Have you had an “OOPS!” moment with your rental car? Accidents DO happen. Whether you’re on a business trip or a family vacation, rental car accidents can be a painful experience.


So share with us your rental car accident story. Perhaps you were on spring break and rear ended a hideous ’98 Chevy Malibu or drifted into a median Fast & Furious style. Whatever the mishap, we want to hear how you damaged your rental car!


Share your story about an unforgettable “Rental Car ‘OOPS!’ Story” via the Post Kudos submission form below for the chance to win an iPad Mini. Whichever story gets the most votes wins!


Submit Your Story in 4 Easy Steps


1) Share your story in the Post Kudos section below (give your story a fun title). The entry has to be in video format either recorded or uploaded below via Post Kudos. Video content is open to your imagination as long as it is a real experience - it can be a video testimonial, a cheesy re-enactment, or an actual recording of the accident. The more creative it is, the better chance you will have to win! Videos must be 30 seconds or less to be eligible for the prize.


2) Share this link and encourage people to vote for your story:


3) Friends, family, and fans of your story will vote below through Rafflecopter. Please input the TITLE of the video you want to vote for.  Furthermore, Facebook likes and Twitter follows add an additional entry each.


4) The person with the story with the most votes – by May 31, 2014 – wins an iPad Mini



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Testimonials collected with Post Kudos
NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE OR PAYMENT DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. Open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years and older (19 or older in AL and NE). Contest ends May 31, 2014. Subject to complete Official Rules.


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Google Glass Unboxed

Protect Your Bubble recently received the Google Glass Explorer edition and below is our unboxing video.  We will be sharing our experiences of the Google Glass with a new series.  Stayed tuned and enjoy.




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Rental Car Horror Stories

rental car horror storiesBad lodging, getting personal valuables stolen, being sick, or having car troubles – these are all things no tourist wants to deal with while being on vacation.


Rental car horror stories commonly involve issues like dubious damage claims, people getting ripped off with insurance, and cars not being ready when you try to collect them. Read on to discover some truly unfortunate rental car horror stories.


Comprehensive Insurance Lies


Every time you rent a car, you’re faced with the same dilemma: do I get rental car insurance and admit I may wreck this car and that I am a horrible driver, or is this insurance a total rip off that I, don’t need? David Mayes shares his story:


During the process of hiring a rental vehicle, I never anticipated I would practically end up paying for the cost of an entire new car! I was offered a complete insurance protection package by a major car rental company, which in the end I decided to take. I chose the option that reduced my excess to a total of $330 simply by paying a bit extra.


During my car hire I was involved in a collision that was my fault, even though I was not drunk, drugged or speeding. Thereafter I informed the police, returned the vehicle to the rental depot and paid the excess of $330, believing the rental company would cover me for the rest.


Two weeks later I received a letter in the mail, demanding that I pay $10,000 to them and $5000 to the owner of the other vehicle involved in the collision. After further investigation I discovered that the company insurance did not provide me with comprehensive coverage. Although the company personally informed me that I would only have to pay the excess in the event of an accident, I am now indebted to the company for $15,000; not such a cheap rental after all!


Source: discovery-carhire.com.au


Warrant of Arrest


Renting a car shouldn’t be a disastrous experience. It doesn’t often involve two rental cars in a row breaking down. It should definitely not involve one of those cars getting towed by surprise or ending a vacation by nearly getting served with a warrant of arrest. The rental car user ‘autojim’ shares his experience.


Car #1 – Back in the days when I was designing/testing cooling systems for a living, I rented a 2000 Taurus from Hertz in Phoenix to use as a support vehicle for a 3-week test trip. Drove it for 3 days, and then it developed a heinous misfire and a CEL, so I swapped it out for another 2000 Taurus the day before we were leaving the confines of the then-Chrysler proving grounds for the road portion of the trip.



This is the face of man who likes to see you struggle.

Car #2 made it 5 days without a hitch. Then, while we were driving from San Diego on I-8, bound for Laughlin, Nevada, with 4 people & luggage aboard, it started losing power. Full throttle was good for about 25 mph on uphill, 35 on downhill. It is acting like the catalytic converter is completely clogged up. Coasted in to the thriving metropolis of Pine Valley, California, population: not many. No cell coverage. Find a place with a pay phone, call Hertz toll-free number. Nearest office is in El Cajon, toll-free operator can’t patch me through. Get a mess of quarters, call them, ask them to call pay phone back. They do. After some discussion (full credit here to the Hertz guys in El Cajon, who were polite as could be), they agree to come get us (me: “Make sure whatever you bring has room for 4 adults + luggage, as I’m not leaving anyone or anything behind.” Them: “[long pause] Oh. I’ll have to get a minivan, then.” “Thank you.”). Hour and a half later, they arrive, pick us up, note location of car at the Frosty Burger, and drive us the hour back to El Cajon. Much paperwork later, we have Car #3 and we’re on our way.


Easy, right? Well, no, not really. Because when the Hertz tow truck went back to Pine Valley to get the car, it wasn’t at the Frosty Burger. Which resulted in it being reported stolen. While it was theoretically still in my custody. Frantic phone messages waiting for me once I got into cell phone coverage again 2 days later (Las Vegas). They’re looking to hang the cost of the car on me, plus Car #3 isn’t shown on my account and *it* is on the verge of being reported stolen as well. Got *THAT* sorted out in a hurry. I suggested they talk to the owner/manager of the Frosty Burger in Pine Valley. Calls were made, and, indeed the “abandoned car” was towed to a local gas station/impound yard. Across the street from the Frosty Burger. Visible from where it was parked. Owned by the brother of the Frosty Burger’s owner. Pine Valley isn’t really that big of a town.


I was told the good news was that I’d called back before they’d issued a warrant for my arrest. Yeah, no kidding.


Source: jalopnik.com


Never Got the Rental


There are some rental car companies that tend to be a bit shady when it comes to telling you how much everything will cost. $20 a day for a week can quickly become $200. In this case, the rental car company slowly but surely bumped up the price of this couple’s rental. With little money in the bank, user ‘RandomArt’ explains how he and his wife never got the car they needed:


My horror story involves never actually ending up with the rental. My wife and I were going through a bit of financial hardship due to lack of work a while back. When the clutch went out in our car, we had to get a rental so my wife can get back and forth to work as she works out of public transit range. The combination of ordering the clutch and having to pay rent and some bills right away had gutted both of our accounts so my father in law had offered to pay for the rental.


Of course, it’s never easy to get a straight answer from the rental agency as to how much you need to have in the account to pay for the deposit since neither of us have credit cards. The guy on the phone I talked to from Budget said that we only had to have enough to cover the cost of the car for however long we were going to rent it for, in our case about $160. So, with the money secured and a cheap car reserved, we set out into the summer heat (around 93 degrees plus stifling humidity) for our 3 mile trek to the closest Budget rental location. Keep in mind that my wife has a pretty low tolerance for heat, and we ended up having to stop rather often to rest because of it.


budget  car rental

It is said that only 2% of Budget car rental transactions end with a smile.

When we finally got to our destination, the guy (a different guy than who I talked to on the phone) tried to run our card without telling us how much it was being run for, only to have it decline. After it was declined he then told us that the deposit was $250. So, my wife and I left to go transfer some cash into her account so it would clear, which involved walking another half mile to the closest bank. We ended up pooling all of our money into her account to make it over $250 before heading back to Budget.


When we got back into the counter at budget, the same guy ran our card again and still declined it. When we asked him why, he said that we needed $255 and refused to run the card again. This set off an argument with me asserting that he had told us that we needed $250 earlier.


I ended up storming out a few minutes later with my wife in tears. The temperature had risen a bit for the long trudge home. The whole ordeal ended up making me 2 hours late for my shift at work, because it generally took me about an hour and a half to get to work on public transit.


It was my first and last experience with Budget.


Source: jalopnik.com


Hiring a rental car should be a simple and pleasant experience. It is not a usual occurrence for something to go wrong but when it does go wrong, it can go horribly wrong! Make sure to read over all policies and conditions from car rental companies to ensure you don’t get stuck in an unforgiving predicament.



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5 Best Easter Apps

pat the bunny - easterEaster is upon us again and there are a lot of ways to enjoy this spring holiday with Easter apps for your iPhone or iPad. Decorate 3D eggs, make digital cards for loved ones, or play one of your favorite games that have added a little extra Easter flair. Here are the 5 best Easter-themed apps that are sure to get you into the Easter spirit.


Paint easter egg hdPaint Easter Egg HD

The first thing that many people think of during Easter is dyeing eggs. Paint Easter Egg HD is a unique iPad app that lets you enjoy the fun of dyeing eggs without the mess! Pick from 20 colors and 3 different kinds of brushes to paint your virtual eggs with, or choose from premade patterns and stickers. Easily create real artworks on a smooth 3D egg surface. Painted eggs can be shared on Facebook or sent by email. Your Eggs can also be saved to your Photos app and used as Wallpapers. Enjoy the painting and get creative!


Pat the Bunny

This award-winning interactive app that is perfect for little fingers and big imaginations. The app is designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers. Pat the Bunny provides 14 interactive scenes for kids to tap, swipe, and explore. This app allows kids to play hide and seek games with Bunny and transfer into paint mode for a colorable activity. Every page can be used as a coloring book. What’s funnier is that kids can “look in the mirror” using the device’s front facing camera to see him or herself in the book. In addition, it allows children to record their voice when they are playing each scene.


easter bunny dress up & card makerEaster Bunny Dress Up and Card Maker

This app is a festive game for the whole family. Join the Easter bunny in this hilarious dress up and card maker game. There are over 200 interactive items to dress up the Easter bunny and his egg, you can make countless combinations. With 4 holiday backgrounds to choose from, the whole family can create the perfect outfit. Make the prettiest card with interactive Easter bunny and egg stickers and add your own design with the painting feature. Easter Bunny Dress Up is the perfect way to take on the holiday spirit!


Hidden Egg Hunt

The Hidden Egg Hunt app provides a dose of colorful fun for the whole family. This universal app is a hidden object game that gives you the feeling of searching for eggs in your yard. The challenge is to collect as many colored Easter eggs before time runs out. There is a one minute time limit on your egg hunt, so be quick! With music, six new levels, and eleven backgrounds, this will keep children of all ages engaged. There is more to this egg hunt game than just finding brightly colored Easter eggs. You will also need to hunt and find the rare gold eggs and collect tokens to unlock additional game boards. This app is a great Easter Holiday game that adds an arcade feel to the standard look and find game.


egg dyeing 101 with martha stewartEgg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living

If you are interested in learning creative ways to dye your real life eggs for Easter, then this app is for you. Go beyond the familiar standard egg and create extraordinary eggs of art. It features 101 beautifully designed eggs, each with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own at home. The easy-to-follow photos and videos guide you through the whole process. Sophisticated or cute, surprising or classic, all these eggs are easy to make and impressive to display. You can also e-mail your favorite eggs to friends to say Happy Spring!


If you’re looking for something to keep you and your family occupied while trying not to gorge yourself on chocolate eggs, check out these Easter-themed apps.



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The 6 Best Selfies of All Time

6.  The Selfie that Got Selfies Banned from the White House David Ortiz-Barack Obama Selfie

When the Boston Red Sox visited the White House on April 1st, the famous baseball slugger David Ortiz took what seemed like an innocent selfie with the POTUS, Barack Obama.  The world later learned that it was a marketing stunt by Samsung.  As a result, the White House banned selfies with the President.  Some Olympians who visited the White House last week confirmed the ban.  Thanks a lot Big Papi!



5.  The Plane Fire Selfie plane fire selfie

There’s a fire on the plane?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  Well apparently this guy did, as he took a gleeful selfie before the flames engulfed first class.



4.  The Oscar Selfie


Ellen Degeneres took a selfie via Bradley Cooper with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and tweeted the photo which captured an overwhelming response resulting in millions of retweets, which beat Obama’s previous record.  We later learned that this was a Samsung marketing stunt.  Samsung has been on a roll this year with their marketing campaign, just in time for their Samsung Galaxy S5 launch.



3.  The Opposition Leader Selfie

leopoldo lopez selfie

Venezuela recently went through a round of protests as anti-government supporters pushed for political reforms.  The movement was lead by Leopoldo Lopez, the pro-democratic leader who wants to change the years of socialist rule under the late Hugo Chavez.  Lopez took this selfie before getting arrested for inciting violence.  He was resilient throughout his arrest, telling his supporters to not turn down for anything.



Seconds after his selfie.



2.  The Plane Survivor Selfie

place crash survivor selfie

Planes are not having a good year, just ask CNN.  A small passenger aircraft crashed off the shores of Hawaii in December last year.  Ferdinand Puentes was one of the survivors and snapped this selfie moments after the plane crash.  Not fearing the shark infested waters, he took the selfie as a reminder to never swim in shark infested waters again.



1.   The Astronaut Selfie

astronaut selfie

Not many people get the opportunity to take a selfie in space.  Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide snapped this picture at the International Space Station in September 2012.


gravity gif

Preoccupied with the photo opportunity, Hoshide regretfully forgot to attach his tether before departing the ISS.


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