3 Holiday Safety Tips Renters Need to Remember

Holiday is the time of merry-making: parties, decorating, cooking, and of course, holiday vacation with family and friends. With the many splendid moments that this festive season brings, it may be unavoidable to experience some unwanted circumstances in your rental home or apartment if you don’t take a few proper precautions. We have put together a few tips and measures you should undertake to stay safe this holiday season:


  1. Whenever you leave, remember to always make sure that your property is safe from theft by keeping your doors and windows locked.
  2. Always unplug your Christmas tree and turn off other inside holiday lights when you’re not home. There are circumstances in which your Christmas lights may cause a spark, causing your whole house to be in danger of fire. This also goes the same with the other electronics, especially when you cook that big Thanksgiving Turkey and you forgot to turn off the oven.
  3. If temps get too low, take the proper precautionary measures with your pipes. It may be possible that your pipe bursts unexpectedly while you are celebrating New Year’s Eve with your grandparents. Everything can happen unpredictably and this can cause a major disaster not only to your property, but to your wallet as well. Before leaving for vacation, be sure to use timed lights to discourage burglars. You can also ask your neighbors or your local police department to check your property while you are gone.


Of course if any unfortunate event were to occur, there is affordable renters insurance that covers many of these different disasters. One of the most common coverage of renters insurance is protection from damage and theft. Your property may be damaged by thieves, fire, wind or water from various causes and it may cost you a great deal of money. Protect yourself this holiday season and all year ‘round by considering affordable Renters Insurance with us at Protect Your Bubble today. For more information, visit http://us.protectyourbubble.com/renters-insurance/ today.

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10 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do

Your iPhone is quite a remarkable device. Everyday, millions of people use their iPhones to call, text, take photos and surf the web. However, there are quite a number of features that most people either seldom or never use because they were not aware that their iPhone had that capacity.


Considering how much an iPhone costs and what you pay each month to keep it in service, it pays to get the most out of your iPhone. This is particularly true if you see other devices that have features that you don’t think are part of your iPhone, only to discover after much expense that they do. Plus, your iPhone represents a significant financial investment. Do leave your device unprotected, get iPhone insurance so you can either fix or replace your iPhone sooner at less out of pocket expense.


So here are 10 things you never knew your iPhone could do. In fact, there may be many more as well, but you may find these 10 quite startling.


Color Matching: Thanks to advances in screen technology, the colors that are present are a real looking and accurate as those from actual paint swatches. So you can use your iPhone to find the right color of pain you want for a room or have throw pillows a particular shade of green. In fact, the pictures you take can be used to represent the colors that you want as well, such as the deep, blue sky. This can be quite the time saver, especially if you are looking for a particular color as well.


Talk to Siri in Private: Carrying on a conversation with Siri can be a little embarrassing for some in public, especially the way that Siri “speaks” and the careful responses that you have to give. However, you can at least listen to Siri without having to turn the sound up if you go to Settings>General>Siri and select “Raise to Speak”. This means that all you have to do is put the phone to your ear and Siri is summoned.


Level the Shelves: Why go digging through the garage for that leveler when you can simply use your iPhone. The free iHandy Level App is one of five handy tools in the iHandy Carpenter toolkit that you can use to level your shelves, picture frames and even measure angles correctly. This App can be quite handy, especially if you are away from home and need a leveler to help a friend or on the job site. You can imagine the time saved by pulling out the iPhone rather than having to travel or purchase a leveling tool.


Text Shortcuts: While it seems that kids today can text a mile a minute, those of us with less than nimble fingers have a more difficult time getting out sentences in such a short time. However, if you use certain sentences or phrases quite a bit, then you can use a shortcut to get to them quickly. Just go to Settings>General>Keyboard and then scroll down to Shortcuts where you can enter a particular phrase and the shortcut needed to access it. This way, the next time you text you can simply enter the shortcut and the phrase will appear.


Start the Car: This is one that is becoming more known, but it still can catch some people off guard. The Viper Smart Start will let you start your car remotely which can be quite handy on those really cold days. Now you can warm up the engine while you are still in the house with the car doors safely locked. Finish what you need to do and the car will be nice, warm and ready when you are finally ready to brave the cold.


Brighten Your Alerts: If you are having trouble catching your alerts, then try switching them to LED flashes instead. In today’s world, many sounds and even the vibrations of the iPhone may not be caught. But having a bright LED flash is unmistakable. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and switch on the LED Flash for Alerts.


Measure: Are you tired of buying a new tape measure after finding that you misplaced the old one or simply do not have one with you? If so, you can actually measure quite a few things with your iPhone if you use the right Apps. All you need to do is bring up the App and use your camera lens as the viewer. The Smart Measure Pro is just one of several Apps for the job.


Narrow Down the Weather Forecast: While there are plenty of Weather Apps, you can not only find out about the weather two days from now, but two hours from now as well. Basically, you can tap anywhere in the forecast on the day you want and it will expand to show you hour by hour what is expected. This way, you will know how to dress when leaving for work or heading out on that trip.


Monitor Your Heart Rate: Thanks to Azumio’s Instant Heart Rate, you can measure your heartbeats simply by putting your finger to the screen for a few seconds. This particular app actually won a Best Health & Fitness App Award in 2011 at the Mobile Fitness Awards. Today, you can find many health-oriented Apps that can be used to measure your heart rate as well as other related items.


Change the Color of the Light Bulbs: Thanks to the Philips Hue App, you can now change the color of your “smart” light bulbs all from your iPhone. This way, you can create a special atmosphere for your home whenever you want. Also, you can remotely turn on your lights if you are working late and want your home to appear to be occupied.


These are just 10 of the many fascinating things you can do with your iPhone. Given the sheer number of Apps that are now available, it is well worth checking out all the amazing things that your iPhone can now do.

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The 2013 Gift Guide for Your Technology-Loving Loved One

Gift-giving is an annual activity and you may be running out of ideas for that hard-to-please or person-who-has-everything loved one in your life. To come to your rescue we have put together a few of the top 2013 gifts made just for you and for your techno-loving friends and family. Here are sure-to-be-memorable gift ideas which you can consider for different interests:


Good Gifts for Health-Buffs


A Wrist-Worn PedometerTracking Device – with updated technology, this gadget monitors the steps and calories burned to provide your health-buff friend another way to stay fit and trimmed!


Puretoes – these footwear looks like flippers but they are used for different activities like dancing, martial arts, yoga and many more.


Camelbackhydrobak – a unique way to stay hydrated. This is a perfect water pack that provides a hand-free hydration. Perfect for runners, hikers and all outdoor-activity enthusiasts.


Interesting Gifts for the Environmentalist


Plant A Tree – plant a tree in your loved one’s name.


Free Tickets For Vacation Volunteer – make a memorable gift by giving your little environmentalist something to do this vacation.


Adopt a Sea Creature – what could get any more interesting than this? To know further, visit your local environmentalist.


Gift Ideas For Your Techy Kids


The Nabi 2 Tablet – with different tablets existing on the trends, why not keep your kid at par with the latest technology? It has kid-friendly features, parent-approved apps and a powerful interface.


Hot Wheels Car Maker – your kid will truly love designing, customizing, building, and racing his own car.


Playskool Rocktivity Mix N Crawl DJ Ball – this is no ordinary ball, it rolls around like a ball but wait there’s more – it includes lights, music, shapes triggers and a fun turntable with modern music.


Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone


Pour wine without pulling the cork – wine lovers will truly love this gift! It makes use of inert gas argon to do so.


Broadcaster Wi-Fi Cam – no longer will your loved one have to use the computer to do video chat. This is mobile so it can be used anywhere!


Elite Screens YardMaster Outdoor Screen – perfect for geeky couples who want to watch movies in the comfort of their pool or hot tub. Completely waterproof, portable and techy.


Cell phone insurance to go with that pricey new gadget – sure, it may not be the most electrifying gift out there, but believe me, if an unfortunate incident happens to that new device you will come out looking like the hero of the century.


These are just a few gift ideas. Good luck shopping out there this season, and a very happy holidays from the team at Protect Your Bubble.

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Free Infographic: Who Are Apple’s Newest iPhone 5s and 5c Owners?

Are you planning to purchase the all-new iPhone 5s and 5c this year? If so, you’re not alone. The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets topped 9 million units through their first weekend of availability. In fact, by 5:00 AM on September 2, 2013, there were already about 1,200 people in line outside the store. Among the approximate 1,200 people:


  • 18% waited to buy the 5c
  • 73% waited to buy the 5s.


The first person in line at the New York 5th Avenue Apple store was Brian, a 19-year old musician who had been in line for 2 weeks just to buy a gold 5s. Now that is what you call being persistent and fanatic!


Interesting Facts!


  • 52% would rather eat the same meal every day for a year rather than give up their smartphone
  • When asked who would they rather Facetime with, 41% chose President Obama. The other choices were Bill Gates (23%), Jay-Z (15%), Miley Cyrus (13%) and Tom Brady (9%).
  • 66% of the users will be upgrading to the new iPhone from their earlier model, the rest from feature phone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy and first smartphone.
  • 32% replaced their phone due to a drop that caused a crack screen.
  • 25% experienced having a phone that just stops working properly
  • 26% never lost or broken a phone
  • Most users are excited about the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that the new iPhone 5s offers. Others are into the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, 28% and 26% respectively.
  • Meanwhile, the iPhone 5c users are more excited about the iOS7 and the bright, new colors that this model brings – which is 20% and 16% respectively.
  • 41% of the users intended to buy iPhone insurance
  • 30% only knew that it would cost $849 to replace an iPhone 5 if it was lost, stolen or damaged.


If you already own the 5s or 5c, what do you think? And most importantly – how are you protecting your beloved new device? Protect your new iPhone today by getting your own iPhone insurance that covers drops, spills, damage, theft – and more.


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The Top 2 Things You Need to Know to Protect Your Safety Online

Identity theft is one of the major concerns today. Every minute, there is an approximate number of 19 victims and has reached 9.9 million a year, according to a report published by the Federal Trade Commission. This alarming rate has everyone deeply concerned with the financial security. With the continuous advancement of convenient purchases, identity theft has become an opportunity for thieves to steal money easily. Prioritizing your safety online and the safety of your loved ones should be your primary concern. Here are 2 of the most important ways to protect yourself:


1.       Create a strong password


Protecting your safety online does not only limit to your online or credit card purchases. Your personal identity can also be hacked and used for different cybercrimes. A good example of these is your email. Your email is your way of communication with different people, so it has to be secured in the sense that only you can access it. The most common incident of email hacking is when your email is being used for different purposes. The hacker may send messages to your contact list stating that you needed money for an emergency situation.


To create a strong password, make sure that it contains numbers, symbols and letters. It should not contain anything related to you like your name, birthday, company name and other previous passwords. You can also consider using ASCII characters.


2.       Protect Your Online Purchases and Credit Cards


The most important consideration in prioritizing your safety online is the way you purchase an item. When doing some shopping online, be sure that the website has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. To easily determine if a website is secure, look at the address bar and see if it is an ‘HTTPS’ instead of ‘HTTP.’


Never ever divulge any information without being sure that it came from a legitimate site. Further, never ever send any personal information through your email. There are thousands of scammers waiting patiently for their next victim, and you can be one of them. Secure your safety online and never be a victim of identity theft.


For more information, visit Protect Your Bubble’s ID Theft services today.


Also, to see a simulated hacking experience on Facebook, check out http://protectyourprofile.org/ now.


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