America’s Top 10 High Risk Burglary Cities

There is no doubt that the United States is the worst developed country in terms of home burglaries. A recent survey has shown that the US experiences on average 250 burglaries per hour which is four times the amount of the next nearest country, the United Kingdom.


Americans report an average of roughly $4.8 billion in losses in 2012 due to burglaries on an annual basis. This amount is generally greater than the profits of the eight largest Fortune 500 companies in the nation. The property loss due to burglaries is simply staggering and the trend towards this form of crime shows little sign of real weakening given its nature.


Many burglaries happen when the residents are away from their homes which means that for a large percentage, the crime is not discovered until it’s over. For those living in the US and wondering where they stand, here are the Top 10 high risk burglary cities in the US. The statistics are based on the number of burglaries per one thousand people, which reveals that larger cities tend to be the most heavily burglarized.



1. Houston, Texas


With more burglaries than any other city, Houston, Texas is number one on the list. There are a variety of reasons that Houston is the worst city in terms of burglaries. The combination of high crime rate, ease of access and a police department under pressure to cover such an expansive area has led to burglaries becoming epidemic in this city.


2. Chicago, Illinois


Chicago is famous for a great many things, but the crime rate has not been one that the citizens of this city are proud to let others know about. Gang violence is certainly a contributing factor, but Chicago suffers from many of the same issues that plague other large cities as well, including a police department that is also stretched to the limits.


3. Dallas, Texas


While separated by about a four hour drive, Dallas suffers from many of the same conditions that plague Houston, but not quite to the same extent. Dallas is also a very large city in terms of size and the difficulty to adequately cover it with police protection is one reason burglaries are up. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is extremely large compared to many other cities of similar population.


4. Phoenix, Arizona


Gang-related crime is certainly a big factor in the number of burglaries that plague the city. Plus, the police force is becoming taxed to handle the fast rising population which has expanded the city tremendously over the past few decades. Phoenix has become one of the largest cities in the US and as a result, the crime rate in terms of burglaries has risen dramatically over the years.


5. New York, New York


In the city that never sleeps, the burglary rate is still quite high and taxes the police force in covering the crime that happens on a daily basis. In fairness, the crackdown on crime in the past two decades has actually helped to lower the overall crime rate which stands at a fraction compared to other, similar cities such as Chicago. But the burglary rate in New York is still very high indeed.


6. Los Angeles, California


A combination of drugs, gang-related crime and a taxed police force has added up to a high burglary rate for this city. Traditionally, Los Angeles has been a haven for crime in the past several decades, but in other areas the crime rate has stabilized or even dropped depending on the category. For those living in Los Angeles, just like any other major city, burglaries are prevalent in certain areas.


7. Detroit, Michigan


The one-time crime capital has dropped on the list in recent years due to a combination of poor economic conditions and a struggling auto industry. The result is a city that once numbered over 2 million people has now dropped to roughly 700,000. City services, especially in terms of police presence has also dropped rapidly, but the truth is that there are just fewer occupied residences to burglarize which is mostly responsible for the drop.


8. San Antonio, Texas


The third city from Texas in the list suffers from conditions similar to what plagues Houston and Dallas. A sharp rise in population growth combined with stretched police resources has resulted in a rise in burglaries. While Texas has some of the most open gun laws in the country, allowing people a wide latitude in protecting themselves and their property, many of these burglaries are committed when the residents are not at home.


9. Columbus, Ohio


Inner city crime combined with struggling economic times has put a strain on police forces in this city. The result is a crime rate that is potent, although not nearly as dramatic as those nearer the top of the list. Columbus has taken measures to address burglaries like all other major cities in the US, but the issue of burglaries is still a difficult one.


10. Indianapolis, Indiana


The final city on our list is also one that has grown in recent years, suffers from pocket of gang-related crime and a separation of more affluent, protected areas from poorer, less protected places in the city. The sharp rise in the population has contributed to the higher crime rate, though in fairness it is not nearly the same situation as faces cities such as Houston or Chicago.


In fairness to all the cities that are listed in this article, it must be pointed out that the overall crime rate which includes murder has remained stable or has even dropped in many cities in the past two decades. In fact, the overall murder rate in the US is roughly half what it was in 1980.


Still, with burglaries on the rise, taking protection in the form of insurance is the only sure way to protect any potential losses. While homeowners should check with their insurance companies, those who rent can apply for Renters Insurance which will provide the protection they need in case they get burglarized.

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Samsung Galaxy Apps: Icons of Lifestyle

Samsung has been in the forefront of developing the latest technology to improve the lives of many. Right now, the Korean company is known for their latest Galaxy smartphones and tablets. These gadgets are using the Android Operating System which uses Android Applications. However, Samsung created applications of their own which they have in the Samsung Apps Store and some of which are built-in.



There are several options a user can avail of Android Apps. There is the Google Play Store, Amazon Store and the Samsung App Store. However, it’s only the Samsung App Store that distributes Samsung coded Apps. Right now, there is practically more than 10,000 Apps available for download for Samsung Smartphones and these are categorized in terms of their use.


Be it a social network application, a conversion application, or something job-specific, any user will be happy with the built-in core apps provided by Samsung which are the Samsung Galaxy Apps or S Apps. These apps are specific to selected Samsung Smartphones. To name a few, there is the S Voice which acts as your personal assistant, the S Planner which helps keep your life in order, the S Health which serves as your personal trainer.


Aside from these built-in Samsung Galaxy Apps, everyone has a different take on ‘vital’ applications to have on their smartphone. These apps help you live your life right at your fingertips. With the Samsung Galaxy Apps or S Apps, you are basically set to have all you need. From a personal assistant to a personal trainer, you can have these all on your smartphone. Some people actually say, “My life is my phone.”


Given that you have all you need on your Samsung Smartphone, there is a certain amount of fear that you could either lose or break your phone. Luckily, with mobile phone insurance, you can avail of a comprehensive insurance that covers common mishaps from mechanical issues to theft.


Protect Your Bubble can insure your coveted smartphone with a comprehensive and affordable insurance that keeps you from paying fees and helps you get your smartphone back. It is great to know that there is a way to feel secured so you can always have your smartphone with you no matter what.


If you have inquiries about Galaxy S4 insurance, visit the Protect Your Bubble company website and learn more about the company and its services.

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The 10 Best Places to Hide Valuables in your House

There are a number of ways you can protect your valuables from getting stolen. Putting the most valuable of your items in safe deposit box for example insures that they will not get stolen by burglars. However, it’s not always practical to store all of your valuables away from your property, so you’ll need to find some clever ways to protect them at home.


Most burglars are not very methodical when robbing a home, even if you are away. This is because burglars understand that the more time they spend inside the home, the more likely they are to be caught. You can take advantage of a burglar’s natural haste by hiding items in places where they might not normally look. Here are the top 10 best places to hide valuables in your house.


1. Hollow Books


Believe it or not, this old fashioned method of hiding valuables is still the best, especially if you have a bookshelf full of older, hardbound books. You can find books of this type at certain stores or you can hollow them out yourself. Just be sure that it doesn’t stand out on your bookshelf. You’ll need enough real books on the shelf to make any search a tedious one for the burglar.


2. Kitchen Containers


The kitchen is perhaps the least burglarized room in the home, apart from any valuable appliances on the countertop. You can hide valuables in false containers in the kitchen cupboard, under the sink and even in the bathroom if the container is innocuous enough. It is best to create containers from old leftover ones that you have in the home for a more authentic look.


3. VHS Boxes


Let’s face it does anyone still watch VHS tapes? If you still have a VHS player, having several of these boxes around that contain your tapes can also make a great hiding place for your valuables. VHS tapes are basically worthless and a collection of which on your shelf will probably be ignored.


4. False Bottom Trash Cans or Under Plastic Liners


One of the last places any thief will scour is the trash for items of any value. Amid the coffee filters and chicken bones lies few rewards for any burglar. By hiding some of your valuables below the trash in false bottom containers or in a slim box that is under the plastic liner, your items will most likely stay safe.


5. Freezer


Checking the refrigerator is another of the last places anyone looks for valuables. Perhaps even lower on the list is the freezer. You can wrap items in plastic or aluminum foil and keep them in the back of the freezer for safe keeping. The items must not be sensitive to the cold however and the package you store should not stand out, but look like any other that would be in the freezer. For example, it should look almost identical to any meat that you might wrap and keep in the freezer.


6. Floor Safe


A floor safe is certainly one of the best ways to keep your valuables safe. However, it’s also one of the most obvious and easiest to find as well as being somewhat expensive. Even a well hidden floor safe can generally be found because they are usually located in obvious places, such as the bedroom closet. Of course, prying open a floor safe is pretty tough even for a prepared burglar armed with the right tools. A lot of noise will be created and it takes valuable time as well. Although if the thief believes that what is in the safe is truly valuable, then they will leave without taking a thing and come back at another time fully prepared.


7. Dead Wall Outlet


Many homes have dead wall outlets that make great places to hide valuable items. There are many wall outlets that are away from electrical appliances and thus a thief will see them as innocuous. Be sure that the outlet is truly dead and don’t have it near a place where a burglar just might try to plug in a electrical device. Knowing that an outlet is dead just might tip off the burglar that it holds valuable items.


8. Building Components


Places such as door jams, floor panels, window sills, cabinet doors and the like are excellent places to hide small, valuable items. You can keep hidden cash tucked away under a window sill and no one would be the wiser. However, you don’t want to overdue it. Just keep a few things in these unusual places for protection.



9. House Plant


Ripping up a house plant is one of the last things a burglar intends to do, unless it is out of frustration for not finding much of anything valuable in your home. However, the item you hide needs to be in a waterproof container just to be safe.








10. Innocuous Boxes


If you keep Xmas lights and ornaments, extra towels, clothing for your children and so forth in large boxes that are clearly marked, they can also be good places to hide a few valuable items as well. Just be sure that the box where you hide your items looks like all the rest of the boxes so it doesn’t stand out. This works especially well in the garage or storage area where you have several boxes.


Remember that hiding valuable items in these hidden places will depend in large part on not telling anyone else where you’ve hidden them. Talking about having hidden valuables, even to your friends invites a burglary by someone who might overhear you or them talking to others about where you store your valuable items. So keep it a secret from everyone, even your children if they can’t get at the hidden places themselves.


For those who are renting the places in which they live and want greater protection from property loss due to burglary, getting Renters Insurance can help recover the losses that are incurred. Be sure to check out the website for more information on how this form of insurance can work for you.

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Got a Travel Vacation Accident or “OOPS!” Story? Share it to Win an iPad Mini!


We love our vacations…until something goes wrong. Have you ever had an unforeseen event or disaster completely overturn your perfectly trip? Perhaps your cruise set sail without you…you got a flat tire on your way to the airport and missed your flight…your dog ate your boarding pass…or you broke your ankle walking on cobblestones and you were laid up in your hotel room for a week.


If you experienced a trip accident (vacation or business trip) – and you can laugh about it now – we want to hear about it.


Tell us about your “Travel ‘OOPS!’ Story” in the comments below for the chance to win an iPad Mini. Whichever story gets the most votes wins! 


Submit Your Story in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Share your story in the comments section of this blog post below (give your story a fun title)
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  3. Friends, family and fans of your story will vote here through Rafflecopter
  4. The person with the story with the most votes – by July 31, 2013 – wins an iPad Mini


“Protect Your Bubble would like to congratulate our winner, Donna, with her “California Love” story. Congrats, Donna!” 



a Rafflecopter giveaway


Ready to go? Submit your travel accidents “OOPS!” story, share away, and good luck!



Now, a few official house rules:


In submitting your story, you are stating that your story is true and accurate, and you are giving Protect Your Bubble the right to share your story online (keeping your identity anonymous of course). Voters can only vote once. Multiple votes will get tossed out.


NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE OR PAYMENT DOES NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. Open only to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, 21 and older.  Contest ends July 31, 2013. Subject to complete Official Rules.

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