The 10 Weirdest Ways People have Damaged their Rental Car


Everyday, thousands of people rent vehicles all across the US. At least 99% of the time, everything either goes as planned or if there is an incident, it is usually a minor one. However, there are a few times in which something really weird or unusual happens that damages the rental car.


Sometimes it’s how the accident occurs or how the rental agency handles the paperwork. Either way, there have certainly been some weird and unusual stories about how some people have damaged their rental car.If you should become part of the weirdest ways that people have damaged their rental car, then it is important to have rental car insuranceto protect yourself, family and property if the worst should happen. What follows is the top 10 weirdest ways that people have damaged their rental car.10. The First Time is always the One you RememberFor a man who had never had an accident before, his first just happened to be while driving a rental car. In 2012, he had rented a vehicle from Eurocar at the Munich Airport. No sooner did he pull out of the parking space when he hit a pole, scraping up the driver’s side area badly. At least he didn’t have to go far to report the damage.9. Ice Road Runoff 

A young man on his way to his grandmother’s funeral rented a 2010 Mazda 3 to make the trip. Unfortunately, it was February and the slushy roads quickly turned to ice. As he made his way along the road, he was caught in an ice rut that directed his car straight into a snow bank. Although that was bad enough, his vehicle was caught on top of the bank with the wheels spinning. After calling a tow truck, the car was pulled off the embankment and the majority of the damage turned out to be underneath the vehicle, specifically to the windshield wiper fluid and the undercarriage.


8. Don’t Let Friends Drive Your Rental


This is a lesson for anyone renting a vehicle, if you are going to put the car in your name, then only you should drive it. During the 2010 Spring Break season, a group of people drove down to Miami. Before they got to Miami, one of the passengers insisted that it was his turn to drive. No sooner did he get behind the wheel when he rear-ended in a Subaru. As things turned out, the Subaru didn’t suffer a scratch while the grill of the rental car was smashed in. Unfortunately, the renter of the vehicle received a lifetime ban from the rental company.


7. Going Airborne


Another interesting story, also from 2010 involved a man who had rented a vehicle for the weekend and was returning it to the rental agency when he lost control of the vehicle. Not only did it go off the road, it went airborne because of the speed. As the car sailed through the air, the driver wondered if anything else could go wrong. Fortunately for him, no one was hurt. However, the story did make the rounds at the rental agency and the man did have to pay for the damage.


6. The Hit & Run Note


A couple returning to their vehicle saw some damage on the side of the door and this note which was written down on Budget Rent-A-Car stationary.


“Hi, my name is Jack. I accidentally hit your car & someone saw me so I’m pretending to right down my details. Sorry, Jack”


At the very least, Jack was honest about trying to get away with a hit and run attempt. However, there is little doubt that the rental agency was not too pleased about the damage done to their car as well.


5. It Seems Understanding the GPS is Another Matter


In March of 2012, a group of Japanese students visiting Australia had some difficulty understanding the GPS system. In fact, they read it the exact opposite way that the GPS maps had displayed. While no one, not even the Japanese students could explain how they could make such a mistake, the result was that they drove their rental car straight into Moreton Bay.


4. I’m Sure the Swamp is Lovely This Time of the Year


In June, 2011, three women who had rented a Mercedes SUV near Seattle apparently trusted their GPS system a little too much as it directed them to a large boat launch. Apparently content to drive through the “puddle” that was in front of them, they instead plowed their vehicle straight into Mercer Slough. All three got out unharmed, but the car was a total loss.


3. Keeping more than Two Eyes on the Road


The insurance form of many rental agencies have spaces on them for driver comments for the accidents that occur. There are certainly many interesting comments, but one that involved a minor fender-bender apparently revealed an unusual physical capacity.


“The accident happened because I had one eye on the lorry in front, one eye on the pedestrian and the other on the car behind.”


2. The Winchester, UK Phenomenon


This has happened to more than one rental vehicle. The town of Winchester, UK is a rather tiny village without old, narrow roads that simply do not accommodate wider vehicles such as large vans or trucks. For those who rented these types of vehicles, it may be understandable that they would not know about the narrow roads, save for the fact that Exton, a small nearby village, is dotted with large yellow signs warning drivers about the narrow roads which they apparently never see.


1. A World Where Speed Limits are Conditional


While this may not be the best rental car accident story, it certainly involved reasoning by the driver that is not common in this day and age. The accident occurred late at night when the driver was speeding through the countryside and lost control of the vehicle, crashing it into an embankment. While no one was hurt, the driver left this as his explanation for the speed he was travelling on his insurance form – “I didn’t think the speed limit applied after midnight.”


These are the top 10 weirdest ways people have damaged their rental car. If anything is certain, some of the entries on this list probably have already been topped by other accidents involving rental cars.

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5 Things You Must Know about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Warranty

Like any other gadgets, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with the standard warranty from Samsung. This smartphone boasts a lot of great hardware and software specs which will make you worry if something doesn’t work right. But thanks to the Samsung S4 Warranty we can free ourselves from worrying and let Samsung take care of it.


  1. The standard Samsung S4 warranty promises the owners that the smartphones are free from defects under normal use.
  2. Owners are provided free limited service for the smartphones for a whole year from the date of purchase.
  3. However – given that it is limited, it does not cover defects or damages resulting from accidents, misuse, improper care, neglect, or unusual physical strain to any parts of the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  4. Within the warranty period, repairs or replacement of the unit are for free of charge depending on the conditions.
  5. If one is in need to avail of these Samsung S4 warranty services, the unit must be returned to a Samsung-authorized phone service facility in its proper packaging so that it will be ready for shipping. The unit must be accompanied by the proper documents such as the sales receipt with the original date of purchase, the serial number of the product and the seller’s name and address.


Samsung has introduced the S4 to the market as the Life Companion. It is expected to make your life richer, simpler, and more fun. Due to the features and the activities you can do with the assistance of your Samsung Galaxy S4, it is not difficult to fall in love with this smartphone and soon treat it as a life companion. Moreover, it will be your prized possession soon enough because it actually has a premium price tag on it. Thus, it really is a must to know that Samsung has product offerings such as the standard Samsung S4 warranty and the Samsung S4 ADH Service that can help you with the defects and damages that you have with your device.


However, if you want more than a warranty, you need to consider Galaxy S4 insurance. It is still important get insurance for your smartphone even if it already has the Samsung S4 warranty because the warranty comes with limited services. There are some things that the warranty won’t provide coverage for – such as theft, loss, accidental damage.


We at Protect Your Bubble go beyond the standard warranty to provide Galaxy S4 insurance and to replace your smartphone in case the worst happens. For more details check us out:

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Smartphone Damage Caused By Slippery Hands

Don’t you just hate having things slip from your hands and through your fingers, figuratively and literally? Whether it is by accident or intended, no one would want to have their smartphone damaged, if not broken into small bits of pieces.


Everyone would know that feeling of joy whenever they get a new smartphone and use it for their lifestyle but they would also know that dreaded feeling of dropping a smartphone, not knowing if it will still work or not. Smartphone damage happens to majority of users once in a while and because of this there’s a need for protective cases. However, these cases are expensive and do not hold that appealing sophisticated look of a smartphone.


It is interesting to know the durability of smartphones. These smartphones can be very expensive that your heart skips a beat every time you get damage your smartphone, whether a scratch or a crack from dropping it.


Protect Your Bubble has done a comparative observation on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 by doing a drop test to measure the smartphones’ durability.



The test shows a user dropping both smartphones from 9 ft., 20 ft. and 30 ft. The results showed that the iPhone 5 is much more durable compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4. For all 3 tests, the S4 cracked and broken into pieces while the iPhone after being dropped at 30-feet showed significant damage. The video also presents statistics of 65% of damage claims received are due to smartphone damage caused by drops.


Start protecting your smartphones from any form of smartphone damage? Protect Your Bubble’s smartphone insurance allows you to receive a new phone in case of smartphone damages. Visit for more details.

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My iPhone Saved My Life – Top 10 Amazing iPhone Stories



Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives.  Phones used to have one function only, to make calls on and there was no other functionality.  As technology advanced, the functionality of phones expanded greatly.  When it comes to functionality, the iPhone is certainly one of the best, if not the best mobile phone.




Many people have found that their iPhones are more than just a way to communicate.  In fact, for many their iPhones are an irreplaceable part of their lives.  Several iphone users were asked why their iPhone has been a lifesaver and here are the top ten amazing iPhone stories.


Wendy K.


I stopped at the grocery store on my home from work on a Thursday afternoon.  I was lucky and the store was not busy so I was able to pull into a front parking spot.  I was walking out of the store when a car backed out of there space and backed right into my car.  I immediately took my iPhone and took some pictures of her car and her license plate and it was a good thing because she drove away!  Thanks to my iPhone, I was able to give enough information to the police to enable them to find her.  Her insurance ended up paying for the repairs to my car.


Joe M.


As a regional representative for a major corporation, I need to travel a lot.  There are some months where I am gone for a week, home for a few days and then gone for a week again.  I spend a lot of time driving, flying, and in hotel rooms.  My wife is a stay at home mom for our twin girls, who are two.  With iMessage and face time, I can see my girls anytime, no matter where I am.  Thanks to my iPhone, I am no longer missing my family while I’m gone; they are always reachable.


Tom A.


My parents had just moved and I was on my way to their house.  As I exited the freeway, my gas light came on.  I could not see any gas stations and I did not want to venture back onto the freeway, because I had not paid enough attention to if I had been passing gas stations or not.  Thanks to my iPhone and Siri, I was able to locate a nearby gas station and get directions to finding it.


Jill R.


I used to carry a day planner but I was always forgetting to actually write things down.  I would always hang up the phone and then think that I’ll remember to write it down on the calendar when I got home but more often than not, I forgot to.  I was always missing important dates because I forgot to write them in my calendar.  With the iPhone, I can schedule reminders instantly using Siri.  I can use Siri to set reminders for myself right then and there so that nothing gets missed or forgotten about ever again.


Mark W.


I commute to work using the train.  I used to bring books to read, but then I find myself having to navigate the train station and the subway, all while trying to not lose my book.  Larger books were simply too unwieldy to carry.  With my iPhone, I no longer need to carry a book.  Thanks to iBooks, I can download books and read them using my iPhone.  Problem solved.


Jerry B.


I spend a lot of time in my car for business.  Reaching my business associates via a phone call to pass short messages along can be time consuming, when a short and simple text message can get the information to them quickly.  With one tap on the keyboard, I can dictate my texts messages to them and then quickly send it on.  I can use dictation to take notes about things that I need to do later, all without distracting myself from the road because the best part is, when I use it with my headset, it reads everything to me before it gets sent.


Mary L.


I have three teenage daughters, all involved in clubs and sports.  They all have different schedules and keeping track of them would be impossible if I did not have my iPhone.  I can update my calendar while on the go and it will synch to my Mac as well.  The iPhone is the only way that I can keep track of our busy schedules and get everybody where they need to be on time.


Shelly C.


Some events only come around once in a lifetime, like my son’s high school graduation!  I was so worried about looking nice, that I forgot my camera.  If I left to get it, I would miss the ceremony.  My husband reminded me that I could take photos with my iPhone, a feature I had never really used because I used my digital camera for all my photos.  I used the iPhone and the photos were great!  We have one of them framed in our living room even!


Barry P.


I do a lot of presentations for my job.  I usually bring either my iPad or my Mac with me and for one presentation, halfway to the client site; I realized that I did not have anything with me but my iPhone.  Thanks to iCloud, I was able to access the relevant paperwork and the presentation on my iPhone and the sale went through.


Beth M.


Not too long ago, I had a job interview and I was very nervous.  I had printed out directions to the place and had them on the table by the front door along with the confirmation email that had the address I was going to.  In my haste, I only grabbed the top paper, the confirmation email, and not the directions.  I did not realize it until I was on the freeway.  I started to panic, and used my headset to call my boyfriend who told me to use my iPhone to get directions, and that I could use Siri through my headset.  I was able to get direction and made it to my interview, on time!


As you can see, iPhones are more than just phones; they are helpful in many ways.  Because iPhones are such a big investment, you should want to protect it.  For those that have an iPhone, they know that they depend on it.


The ten experiences above show how vital having your iPhone can be; can you afford to replace your iPhone if something happened to it?  We insure our cars, our houses and we even get renters insurance but we neglect to insure the smaller things, like our iPhones.  You can get your iPhone insured against theft, loss, and damage.  See Protect Your Bubble today for a quote at their website


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