10 Unbelievable iPhone Stories

With millions of iPhones being sold over the past decade, it’s hardly surprising that there
would be some pretty strange stories going around about this device. However, as far as our imagination might stretch, the following iPhone stories are still quite amazing in their own right.



What follows are the 10 most unbelievable iPhone stories uncovered so far. All of these stories have been verified, so the one about the man who had his thumbs “narrowed” so he could text better on his iPhone is not included.


1. Saved by his iPhone: Dan Wooley, a US filmmaker in Haiti was caught in the massive earthquake that buried him under a pile of rubble. Thanks to his “Pocket First Aid” app, Dan was able to treat his wounds, use his digital SLR to illuminate his surroundings and find a place to stay until he was discovered nearly three days later. He even set his iPhone to sound an alarm ever 20 minutes to keep him awake while not falling into shock. This is a truly amazing story of survival all thanks to the iPhone.


2.  Nearly Killed by his iPhone: Conversely, Travis Gohr of Atlanta, Georgia reported nearly getting killed by his iPhone in one of the most freakish accidents we’ve ever heard. Gohr was on his treadmill when his iPhone slipped off and was launched backwards. Gohr suffered a significant gash on his back when he followed the trajectory of his iPhone, lost his balance and crashed on the moving treadmill. While Gohr was not in any serious danger, it is one of the few times a significant injury caused by an iPhone has been recorded.


3. Baby Conceived thanks to the iPhone: Lena Bryce had tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for over four years. In desperation, she downloaded the “Menstrual Calendar” iPhone app which indicates when a women is mostly likely to conceive. Within two months, Lena was pregnant and delivered a healthy baby. Of course, that poor child will forever be known as the “iPhone Baby”, but all things considered that is a small price to pay.


4. 300,000 Texts in a Single Month: Crystal Wiski apparently has a lot of free time on her hands. The Sacramento teen managed to create more than 300,000 texts in a single month. At least her parents were smart enough to get a phone with a “free text” feature. Crystal’s thumbs got an exceptional workout when you consider that in order to create that many texts, Crystal had to average seven texts per minute, every minute of that month.


5. The 300 Page Bill: Although text and web connecting is free, AT&T at one point itemized all instances of their use for the customers. Justine Ezarik of Pittsburgh, Pa was somewhat shocked when she received her first iPhone bill that consisted of 300 pages. It was so large that the bill was delivered in a box. Despite the size, her actual bill came to roughly $275.


6. Kayaking into Nowhere: Two couples who were enjoying a day of kayaking on the ocean ran into some severe weather and could not make it back to shore due to the strong currents. After struggling for hours, one of the kayakers used their iPhone to call the Coast Guard. At first, the Coast Guard was having difficulty finding them, but fortunately the iPhone had a “Basic GPS” app which gave out their exact coordinates. Within a few minutes, the Coast Guard found both couples. The storm lasted for several more hours and there is no telling what would have happened if they had left their iPhone behind.


7. Music to Our Ears: The University of Michigan recently hosted the Michigan Mobile Phone Ensemble, a concert where the iPhones were used instead of traditional musical instruments. This ensemble uses music applications apps that were downloaded into their iPhones. There is actually a course at the University which teaches how to build a mobile phone assembly. The iPhone-turned-instrument is played using a series of gestures, taps and blowing into the built-in microphone. Plus, thanks to the built-in GPS system, accelerometer and digital compass, certain notes can be played depending on how the iPhone is tipped, shaken or held. The audience hears the music created from the iPhone ensemble thanks to portable speakers on the wrists of the performers.


8. Saving a Student’s Life: Just before Thanksgiving, Xavier Jones was participating in basketball practice when he suddenly stumbled and fell to the floor. He was not breathing and his heart had stopped. Fortunately, his coaches John Osorno and Eric Cooper were able to revive him with CPR thanks in part to the refresher course Coach Cooper had updated to his iPhone. Although all the coaches are trained in CPR for just such an emergency, Coach Cooper had just recently reviewed the procedure on his CPR app.


9. The Most Expensive iPhone: If you think iPhones are a bit on the high side in terms of price, then meet Stuart Hughes, a designer who crafted an iPhone for a businessman in Australia that costs well over $2 million. Using 136 flawless diamonds, 271 grams of 22 carat gold and an Apple logo created from 53 gems, this iPhone is the ultimate in style and certainly expense. Even the front navigation button is created from a single diamond.


10. Lost at Sea: Here, a boater and his brother and law were enjoying a day of fishing when the weather took a turn for the worse and the on-board GPS system failed. Furthermore, their boat was in danger of bottoming out because of the low tide. Fortunately, the boater had his iPhone complete with the “Boatie” app which included a GPS tracking system. They were able to locate their exact position and maneuver the boat safely back into the harbor. All things considered, it could have turned out much worse for them.


These are just a few of the many great stories about the iPhone. Having your iPhone with you can help save a life, including your own. Did you know that there is iPhone Insurance available? Now you can protect your investment and create unbelievable iPhone stories all on your own. Visit www.protectyourbubble.com for more details.

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