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Rumors About the Likely Features of the HTC M7 | Protect Your Bubble

Originally posted on on March 10, 2013

Gadget insurance brand tells consumers what they might see in the upcoming M7 release

HTC  is at it again with the upcoming release of the next generation smartphone. Protect Your Bubble, smartphone insurance brand, takes a quick look at a few of the rumors surrounding the HTC M7.

Plans point to the M7 release coming later this month in regions outside the U.S.  If the patterns for the last release ring true, expect a release in the U.S. around April.  Some sources say it could come on all carriers, so that would mean multiple release dates.

HTC is planning on staying with the high end smart phone concept with an aluminum design shell.  Thinner is better in smartphones, so expect the HTC M7 to be thin, but how thin is still very ethereal.  There are no leaked photos yet, so if previous releases are a clue; it is something to build from.

The camera will likely sit in the center of the back similar to the One X.  A unibody design, similar to Apple’s product means no removable batter or microSD slot.  There will certainly be some cosmetic changes for aesthetic appeal, but there is nothing to go on as far as specifics just yet.

A 1080p display is fast becoming standard on all smartphones, and it should come as no big surprise if the HTC M7 has a 1080p display as well.  The display will likely be seen on a 4.7-inch screen with 440 to 441 pixels-per-inch.  The smaller screen will make it more comfortable to fit into a pocket.

These obvious benefits will lie well above the HTC One in video, image and text, and if the history of the One X is any guide, it was a fine phone in its own right.  The 4.7-inch display is the possible choice for a screen on the M7 as HTC prefers to tweak and not completely overhaul in its phones.

Display and form aside, the HTC M7 has some other specifications that will rank it with the biggest smartphones, namely the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4.  The Snapdragon 1.6GHz quad-core is certainly no slouch nor a newcomer in the field of Android, so it is highly likely to see it on the HTC M7.  The One X+ has a quad-core; it makes sense for the HTC M7 to boast the same for seamless gaming and multitasking.

Besides a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM will drive the device, along with a 13MP rear camera, a considerable step up from the 8MP on the HTC One X.  A 2MP camera is standard on today’s high end smartphones, so why change something that is working well.  The 2,300 mAh battery is nice and likely because of the thin size of the new phone.

4G LTE is on board so it will run on those networks.  U.S. users, this means Sprint and Verizon currently, with AT&T certainly wanting a slice of the pie.  T-Mobile expects their 4G LTE live in 2013 and it carried the HTC One S; it too is not out of the question as a carrier.

Android’s tested and true Jelly Bean is possible, although specifics are still unknown.  The 4.2 update Google rolled out on the Nexus devices would make sense; however, I/O 2013 is only a few months away to be debuted in May.  5.0 Key Lime Pie may also be on devices in May. Price rumors are as nebulous as any, but for a price above $199.99 on-contract would be ideal. 

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