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Protect Your Bubble USA Fact Sheet

What is Protect Your Bubble? Protect Your Bubble is a specialty insurance brand, offering lifestyle insurance for gadgets, pet and travel, all for today’s modern consumer.

How does it work? Protect Your Bubble is available online, via mobile app or phone, allowing an easy three-step process for consumers to understand, buy and, most importantly protect what enriches their lifestyle; their gadgets, pets and travel. Consumers can purchase a monthly or single pay Protect Your Bubble insurance plan and can cancel their plan at any time. Prices vary depending on the product and level of coverage.

Where are they based? Atlanta, Georgia

When were they founded? Protect Your Bubble was founded in the UK in 2008 and launched in the U.S. in 2012.

What is Protect Your Bubble’s history? Protect Your Bubble launched in UK, with the backing of a Fortune 500 company, more than three years ago. Since then, it has become one of the UK’s top lifestyle insurance websites. Having sold more than 600k policies, Protect Your Bubble has now launched in U.S. and offers specialty insurance for the modern consumer.

Why Choose Protect Your Bubble?

While consumers traditionally think of insurance in terms of life, homeowners or health insurance, Protect Your Bubble understands that consumers are very different than they were from even a few years ago. The company has identified what means a great deal to modern-day consumers’ lifestyle and provides comprehensive protection plans. Because Protect Your Bubble sells directly to the consumer, they greatly value customer service and a simple, two-minute online sign-up process to meet today’s on-the-go consumer.

Furthermore, Protect Your Bubble is backed by a reputable Fortune 500 company and has already seen success in UK, since its launch in 2008, further legitimizing their entrance in the U.S. as the specialty insurance provider for today’s consumer.



Stephen Ebbett, President of Protect Your Bubble, North America and Europe

Stephen Ebbett is the President of Protect Your Bubble for Europe and North America. Prior to coming to the states to spearhead all operations for Protect Your Bubble US, Stephen led Protect Your Bubble UK, which has sold more than 700K policies. Stephen has more than 10 years of experience spearheading innovative product and communication initiatives for corporations looking to gain a competitive edge when entering a new market. Stephen attended Durham University and holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Theology, as well as a postgraduate degree in Marketing. Outside of his work with Protect Your Bubble, Stephen enjoys rugby, film and photography.

 Read/Watch Stephen’s Activity in the Press:

Fox News, “Should You Be Insuring Your Smartphones and Tablets?” January 24, 2013
Deseret News, “Travel Cheaper By Minimizing Huge Car Rental Fees” January 21, 2013
CNet, “Do I Really Need Insurance For My Smartphone?” December 15, 2012
CBS Philadelphia, “STUDY: Philadelphia Among Worst In Country For Stolen/Lost Phones” November 12, 2012
News Channel 5, Cleveland, “Gadget Insurance Company Ranks Cleveland as One of Worst US Cities for Smartphone Loss/Theft” November 8, 2012
Komo News, “Gadget Insurance: Do Your Homework Before You Buy” November 8, 2012
CBS Atlanta, “Should You Consider Pet Insurance?” June 19, 2012
AJC, “New Atlanta Company Wants to Insure Pets, Gadgets, Trips” March 6, 2012
TechCrunch, “Assurant Direct-Backed Protect Your Bubble Launches in the US, Wants to Insure Your Mobile Gadgets, Pets and Trips” March 6, 2012

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Stephen Ebbett

David Anderson, Director of Product for President of Protect Your Bubble, North America

Currently heading up all product development and financial performance management around Protect Your Bubble’s US product offerings, David serves as the strategic visionary for our US product strategy. While currently heading up Protect Your Bubble USA’s product development and financial performance management, David has worked with insurance for over 10 years though he studied quite a different field, graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Business.   

Read/Watch David’s Activity in the Press:

 Yahoo Finance, “Top 10 US Cities Most at Risk for Smartphone Theft and Loss” November 8, 2012

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David Anderson


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