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What does going beyond your iPhone Warranty mean?

Your iPhone Warranty: Reading the Fine Print

When you purchase your new iPhone, it probably came with a great warranty to help protect it. While your warranty is great, does it really provide the protection your device needs? Oftentimes exceptions are set within your warranty so that items you may think are covered are actually not.  Take a look at your warranty for your iPhone and read the fine print: Does it protect you from accidental damage? What about liquid damage? What if you lose your iPhone, or someone steals it? Many warranty options for your iPhone only cover you in case of mechanical breakdown, so that if you were to accidentally damage your iPhone, crack the screen, or if someone were to take it, you'd be left with a costly replacement.

Going beyond Your Warranty for Your iPhone: How to Protect Your Device

With Protect Your Bubble's iPhone Insurance, your phone will be protected beyond the limitations of your warranty. We cover mechanical breakdown after the term of your warranty ends, along with accidental damage, theft, loss, and even liquid damage. We understand that things outside of our control happen sometimes; your phone may get splashed at the beach, or it could fall out of your pocket and get a cracked screen. Someone could take your phone from your briefcase at work or swipe it from your locker at the gym. When little incidents like these occur, our comprehensive iPhone Insurance is there to back you up. 

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Go beyond your warranty by getting a free quote for iPhone Insurance from Protect Your Bubble today. Want to learn more before you start your quote? Check out our iPhone Insurance page for more information. 

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