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7 Reasons to Buy Phone Insurance

7 good reasons to buy Mobile Gadget Insurance

Of course there’s one overriding reason to buy mobile phone or gadget insurance: It costs a lot to replace your phone if it’s lost or stolen.

At Protect Your Bubble, we’ve taken a really close look at mobile gadgets and have come up with not one, but 7 good reasons for getting cell phone insurance.

  1. Let’s look at costs again. Network carrier subsidies mean it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that smartphone and tablets aren’t that expensive. But a typical smartphone costs over $500 to replace – that’s a lot of cash to find at short notice.
  2. Our mobile gadget insurance provides more than a warranty – it covers mechanical breakdown, accidental damage, loss, theft and even includes 3 months of credit monitoring for lost devices.
  3. Our smartphones and tablets are central to our lives. They keep us in touch, on time, entertained and up to date. That’s why our Gadget Insurance doesn’t just replace your device. It does it fast, with 24 hour replacement after an approved claim if your device in stock, or comparable compensation within 48 hours.
  4. It could happen to you. In cars, in hotel rooms, the bar, locker rooms, classrooms, taxis, buses, planes… each year 30 million phones are lost or stolen. Little wonder that 70% of Protect Your Bubble’s claims are for lost or stolen phones.
  5. A damaged phone is not covered by your warranty – and it’s all too easy to damage them. Liquids and phones don’t mix – whether it’s dropping one in the toilet or spilling a cup of coffee over it. And cracked screens are incredibly common.
  6. We know money is tight. You can cancel your policy at any time without having to pay any fees.
  7. We offer high quality coverage, a great supportive service and some of the most competitive prices around – $7.99 for phones and $9.99 for tablets.

And relax… no, that’s not an instruction. It’s one last reason to buy mobile gadget insurance from Protect Your Bubble. It gives you real peace of mind, so if the worst happens you don’t have to worry about getting your phone and your life back on track.

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